Welcome to my corner of knowledge and experience in health and invisible disability!

Hello, I am Victoria Romero, and I am pleased to welcome you to this space where empathy, understanding and expertise in health and invisible disability converge. What does it mean to be an expert patient speaker? It means that I not only speak from theory, but also from experience.

My journey in the world of invisible health and disability has led me to become a passionate advocate and a source of valuable information. My personal story has given me a unique perspective that I wish to share with you. I understand the daily struggles, silent battles and challenges faced by those of us dealing with invisible health conditions.

In my presentations, I combine the objectivity of research with the warmth of personal experience. I address topics ranging from chronic disease management to strategies for dealing with the invisibility of certain conditions in our society. My goal is to raise awareness, foster understanding and offer practical tools for those facing similar challenges.

Why trust me? Because every word I share is backed by my own journey, the times I have overcome obstacles and the determination I have to help others find the light in the midst of adversity.

If you would like me to participate in a course (in person or online), a congress or conference (national or international), please contact me at info@tripleaxel.net.

Thank you for visiting and being part of this community.

I am member of the Education Committee and the PARE Committee of EULAR
I am alternate member of the PDCO at EMA